June 2, 2011 Duane Faitel Lawn Service

These little lawn care tips will give you the best results for your lawn.

Cutting your grass can be much tougher than it looks. Just remember each yard is different.

  • Blade Height. Set the blade height on your lawn mower to the middle setting. Cutting too low results in the grass being burned  by the sun. Cutting too long results in the lawn being too high and difficult to cut next time.
  • Cut in Rows. The easiest pattern for you to cut your lawn is straight lines along one of the sides. Always overlap the lines to ensure that all the blades of grass are cut.
  • Cut around Flower Beds. When approaching a flower bed in the middle of your lawn, cut a row or two around the perimeter of the bed. This will ensure that you get all of the blades around a difficult section of the grass.
  • Check the Bag Often. Don’t let the catching bag get too full. When this happens clumps of grass will fall onto freshly cut rows which can cause the grass under these clumps to die and it is also easier to dump a catcher that is not quite so full without to much mess.
  • Cut Often. Cutting every week in the summer months promotes growth for a full green lawn. One every other week in the winter is enough stimulation for good growth. With the ground being wet or damp be careful to keep the wheel marks down.

Following these simple cutting tips will keep your lawn looking its best.

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